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Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter supports a wide variety of new works in various stages of development.

A partnership between three multi-cultural and multi-generational women, Chinese Mother Jewish Daughter LLC lives where art and entertainment collide. We strive to support original, diverse projects often with messages of inclusivity and social awareness. CMJD LLC debuted at the NY Musical Festival with Les Enfants de Paris (now titled 5th Republic), and continued developing musicals including Madame (NYMF reading series 2012), LUDO's Broken Bride (ANT Fest, Cutting Room, NYMF), and Off-Broadway's Rescue Rue (and the filmed production thereof!), and its sequel Runaway Rue.


In addition to theatrical projects in development, we're co-producers of Monica’s Mixing Bowl, a series that challenges children and families to “make friends with food” by teaching tolerance through understanding of those with different dietary needs and restrictions. We've also produced several short puppet films including, Cone of Shame (a Handmade Puppet Dreams Micro-commission) and Beach Day (a 48-Hour Puppet Project Award Winner). We'v had a hand in HedgeHearts (forthcoming puppet rom-com), as well as served as Puppet Producers for a forthcoming Nick Jr. YouTube series, Puppetry Consultant for Blippi's Treehouse, and a Creative Producer on the team for The Reading league's Reading Buddies Season 2 (PBS) through our lead creative producer Stacey Weingarten.

Last but not least, we've just begun development on an information and media literacy program called Local Moos, following a trio of intrepid calf reporters!

Current Projects Include...

Ludo's Broken Bride

A New Stage Adaptation of the Original Concept Album

Monica's Mixing Bowl

An Original Children's Series.

Rescue Rue &

Runaway Rue

Two Original Musical Fairytales

5th Republic

A New Musical


A New Musical

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